why bichoyon as your bpo partner?

as a bpo partner bichoyon, first & foremost believes that reducing cost is a crucial factor for outsourcing. outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs, releasing profit for investment elsewhere in your business. in this process you can understand when , where and how you should invest to get effective result in your business avoiding huge expenditure.
every business investments are to come to terms with competitions, technological modulation etc & now & again all these make risky your investment. bichoyon is a risk taking bpo partner on be half of you & dependable at deciding how to avoiding risk in areas of expertise.

bichoyon is evermore concerned about your limited resources & limited amount of time. so we shift your business focusing from peripheral activities to come work & cooperate you prioritize task clearly.
to have triumph your company entails research, development, marketing and distribution activities efficiently. in respect of these activities bichoyon can codify cost structure assuring the triple advantages of quality, speed and economy.

bichoyon has taken the point time-effective so we are prepared to start your project right off.
hiring right people, training the stuff for short-term or peripheral projects etc. can be very expensive for your company. moreover, temporary employee doesn't always live up to expectations. bichoyon will assess you where human resources should be provided most.

bichoyon's offices are located in a safe & up market area of dhaka in bangladesh . our work is carried out in a secured environment & with every possible precaution taken to maintain client confidentially. the government is encouraging the potentiality of our outsourcing businesses & growth by way of excellent e-infrastructure & clarity of regulations. bichoyon lives in hope that this encouragement will make rich software developing companies at all times.

welcome at bichoyon judge & justify our competency at first hand, be with us & walk over confidently choosing us.